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Title: With Arms Outstretched
Artist: Rilo Kiley
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What is it like to be in love? Are you in love?


It’s maddening. One moment you’re shagging in a lake ‘n the next you’ve a flat ‘n a bairn ‘n bloody-fuckin’ everything is boggart material. But the flat’s never quiet ‘n the tea’s always strong — ‘n I suppose, if you’re in love, you never quite get your fill of noise ‘n tea. Or shagging or laughing or having a daft row. 

I reckon I’ve a hundred bleeding years’ worth of rows left with Niall. 

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I do realize tha’. -grins, then laughs in his f a c e- Eleven? There’s already a chance she’s inherited your absolutely shitecoordination, Niall. I’ll not further doom her with late training. ‘N besides that — -makes a lil face and carries his robes off screen, kinda talkin from afar- I don’t want just anyone teaching her t’fly. My da put me on my first broom ‘n seeing as you’re incapable o’ flight… -steps back in from restroom or w/e they have a master bedroom i’m assuming even in their teensie flat idk, point is wearing his robes >:) had a good day, feelin good >:) tryna seduce >:)- I s’pose you could play Healer that day. 


-raises an ~~eyebrow, lookin her up n down before meeting her eyes and smirking v slightly- Could do, I s’pose. -pauses a sec- When she’s ten, at most. -does that liftin chin in her direction thing- Anyone tell ye that ye look absolutely brill in lime green, love? -takes a step closer and brushes his thumb over the fabric covering her collarbone, eyes flitting to the spot then smirking a lil wider- Careful of that spot there, though. Got spat on whilst I tried t’give a kid his prescribed potion.

DANIEL SHARMAN > Just Jared x REVOLVE Dinner in Malibu, july 19.

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