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Round of applause for a platform sandal throwback. #Tbt to my studio time with @justintimberlake and Nysnc in style #questionable…


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What would/will your character's life be like in fifteen years?

//Here’s what’s up:

In fifteen years, Niall will still be working at St. Mungo’s. In the first five years between then and now, he’d be pretty reclusive, sticking with the Wood’s, Ian, and Maggie. He wouldn’t get romantically involved with anyone or feel any desire to, because it’d feel like he was somehow betraying Marlene, in that regard— plus, he’d just straight up still be hung up on her and will probably never not be mourning her. But by the time Maggie is five-ish, he will come out of his shell somewhat. Join some community football league with other (lame-o) dads, and possibly Ian, and spend more time with some colleagues, especially Cass because she’s a warm, friendly, and comforting presence.

And over the course of the year, he’ll find himself spending more time with her, because of those reasons and because she’s very different from the people he normally associates with, and he’ll ask her to take tea with him on his breaks and then very, very tentatively and awkwardly, ask if she’d like to get dinner sometime, maybe, if she would like to. (Probably his first actual date that is called a date, now that I think about it.) And starting a relationship with her would be both very easy and very difficult for him, because he’d both feel very comfortable with her but also like he is disrespecting Marlene’s memory somehow, so there’d be a lot of dumb Niall angst before someone tells him to CHILL and let himself move on, in this aspect.

AAAND okay, fast forward, they end up getting married because their relationship will be the mature, we’re-makin’-commitments kind and, as Marissa has told me, it’s what Cass would want (she’d ask him) and Niall respects that and would have reached a point in his life when marriage isn’t something that’s ridiculous. (Because, tbh, Niall’s main beef with marriage rn is the fact that he feels waaaay too young and immature to make a big commitment like that on paper.) And then they have a daughter (Ainsley 2.0 now turned Orla Mulloy). So, in fifteen years, Niall will be married, have two daughters, and gray hairs; he’s working at St. Mungo’s, playing a lot of football, and living in Scotland. He’s happy with his life.

Would you mind repeating that?




Ye’ve got t’be takin’ the piss.

I— What? No, of course not. I was being completely serious.

Listen… -inhales deeply- Understand if what I said could’ve caused offense, but s’not like they heard me, yeah? ‘N s’not really ye place t’be takin’ offense on their behalf. S’fine. No harm done. I’ll keep my gob shut ‘round ye next time someone’s bein’ a right twit.

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”Go in there with confidence and all they’ll see is a boyish looking man.”
”Or a stupid teenager pretending to be a man.”

"I accept your challenge!" 

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